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The AddressForAll Project is one of several projects maintained by the Institute.

AFA Codes

Human beings have difficulty memorizing latitude/longitude. AFA.codes creates a short, easy-to-remember code to pinpoint an area of a few m2.

CRP Código de Roteamento Postal

CRP Código de Roteamento Postal

Is the CEP (Brazilian postal code) private? The CRP legally bypasses this inconsistency.

My address in the field

My address in the field

My Address in the Field is a project aimed at assisting a municipality in defining addresses for rural properties using AFA.codes technology, which enables firefighters and services to easily reach the location.

Digital guard

We preserve, for decades, data that governments easily lose.

Governo Geo-digital

Governo Geo-digital

Make governments aware of the importance of geography in digital services and help them.

Alertas Primeira Infância

Alertas Primeira Infância

The project develops a technological platform to alert municipalities when children in early childhood are in a vulnerable situation.



We guide governments to lead an open address database project in their territory and offer our consulting services to implement the project.

We also help governments define the best open geocode for their country, with the AFA.codes methodology, which customizes the geocode for the country depending on its culture and geographic and administrative characteristics, respecting its sovereignty.


Step-by-step of our address search activity:

  1. We contact municipalities and government agencies by phone.
  2. We identify the person responsible for data.
  3. If there is a Geo portal, we check if the data can be downloaded.
  4. If the data can be downloaded, we analyze the data to see if it contains addresses.
  5. If the municipality has data, we request the data's release.
  6. If a municipality's department has partial data, we request complementary data from other departments.
  7. We continue to follow up with our contacts over months and years, via email and phone, until we obtain the data.
  8. We also request data through official government platforms: e-SIC (Brazil), Derecho de petición (Colombia), Ley del Loby platform (Chile).
  9. Once we receive the data, we initiate our data ingestion process.

Av Paulista, 171, 4º andar, São Paulo, SP, 01311-904, Brasil.

Tel: +55 11 4063-6401


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