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1. I have submitted a geographic database of my municipality. Can I see this data in AddressForAll?

Yes, the received data is available in 3 ways:

  • Preserved Data. Each package is preserved for 20 years, we keep the data as received, and make it available for download;

  • Filtered Data, made available almost raw, through maps, statistics or downloads. This is data that has undergone preliminary treatment (only the structure of the original data is treated);

  • Consolidated data, with possibly modified content, made available in services, APIs and downloads. It will no longer be "your data", as your contribution may be discarded, or be mixed in the form of an average with other data.

There are several types of modification, let's look at some examples. The Institute may decide to consolidate street names, for example, by replacing all abbreviations "Av." with "Avenida". If the address points are positioned in the middle of the lot, the Institute will reposition the point to the front of the lot, close to the street.

2. Can I see the license data?

Yes. For each type of data (preserved, filtered, and consolidated), there can be a different license. Original and filtered data are licensed according to the original donor data. Consolidated data receives a license according to traceable originals, and in the case of the same data with different licenses, the most open (least restrictive) is adopted, ranging on the spectrum of "license families" from CC0 to CC-BY-NC-SA, but with the majority in CC0.

When the original data comes from a public agency, even if it does not have a license, the license provided for by the legislation of the country (or more specific jurisdiction) is implicit.

For example, in Brazil we apply the following rule:

  • Data from federal agencies are always CC0.

  • Data from municipal or state agencies: these are generally implicitly open like the federal ones, but may depend on specific legislation.

  • The consolidated data, because they have value added by the Institute, are given the Institute's license of choice, which is CC0 whenever possible.

3. Can I download the data and combine it with my internal database?

Yes and no. AddresForAll seeks to work with open data, and two licenses are available. The first, CC0, allows you to do "everything." You can download the data, mix it with private data, and declare the new set private.

The CC-BY-SA license, similar to ODbL, used for example by OpenStreetMap, is not so permissive and can "contaminate" the base receiving the data. The database resulting from the combination of the two data can no longer be "private" or redistributed under the CC0 license, but only under the CC-BY-SA license. This may be inappropriate for government entities that are committed to publishing their data in the Public domain, for example in the official journal.

4. Can I send data?

Yes, please contact us.

Av Paulista, 171, 4º andar, São Paulo, SP, 01311-904, Brasil.

Tel: +55 11 4063-6401


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